Daily Archives: June 9, 2007

Ron Paul Thoughts, New Job

My new job doesn’t have defined hours. When I’m not working I feel guilty so time has been short lately. Lots to write about though. Ron Paul is kicking some butt in terms of fund raising and online support. The CNN Political Ticker wrote briefly about the Ron Paul Phenomenon. The story prompted 1,349 comments from Ron Paul supporters concerned about mainstream/mass media bias. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ve been following Ron Paul for over a year and generally agree with his points, certainly more than any other candidate, but he seems to lack a bigger picture view the world. EDIT: I was wrong. A reader pointed out her take on this subject in the comments. For example, were the gold standard to be adopted today the economy would probably collapse in a deflationary spiral. Austrian economics looks to be spot on but the global economy isn’t a blank slate. I’d like to hear how he’d manage a transition to a gold standard without causing economic mayhem.

About my new job. Artificial Intelligence Fellowship. No doubt the weirdest job title I’ll ever have, should prompt some guffaws if I put it on my resume. When I’m not writing code I try to stay up to date on the changes taking place in the media and journalism arenas. Two great articles here and here. The newspaper is dying and my project is the blue toothed vulture hovering overhead. You can learn a lot about a country from that vantage point.

I went to Cal Tech and interviewed a handful of potential interns. Their career center gave us free hand-cranked flash lights and were incredibly helpful. A quote from one of the interviewee’s resumes under publications: “Decomposition-based Optimization Algorithm for Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem”. Needless to say I stuck to the less technical interview questions.

The image is called “Road To Heaven” by FD on Flickr